You can now start staking your BTAP and earn points to claim NFTs from our collection of amazing NFTs with unlockable educational content and amazing value.

For each type of NFT, there are 500 Silver NFTs, 50 Gold NFTs, and only 5 Rainbow NFTs. Therefore the Rainbow NFTs are super rare and most likely to be most in demand!

You will also be earning BTAP while you stake at 60% APY and can unstake and claim your BTAP earnings at anytime.

Stake 10,000 BTAP for 30 days and earn 100 points. Minimum BTAP needed to stake is 10,000 and…

BTA Protocol Development Updates

The development team has been working hard to bring improvements to the community, whether it be mitigating high fees, providing extra liquidity, and offering a Erc20 to BEP20 bridge. There are few changes that will be made regarding the liquidity mining, transaction tax, staking pool, and BSC 2-way bridge.

The liquidity mining pool is currently on the Erc20 network. This ETH/BTAP liquidity pool will be removed. We will make an announcement when this is going to take place far in advance, to give community members time to claim what they have staked. Liquidity mining will then…

There is no doubt that more people are getting to understand the power of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. However, we still have a long way to go and millions still need to understand the opportunities that this revolutionary technology brings. BTA Protocol has now partnered with KardiaChain to working together in taking blockchain education to millions in Vietnam.

KardiaChain prides itself to be an innovative blockchain with technical prowess such as the unique Dual Node technology that is fully interoperable, which is the key factor for cross-chain interaction. …

You can now provide Uniswap liquidity with BTAP / ETH pair. You need to stake a minimum of 100 BTAP.

  1. Go to :

2. Click on CONNECT WALLET Button and then select account’s you want to use.

BTAP Lists On Pancake Swap

The moment we have been waiting for has finally arrived! We are excited to announce that BTAP is now available on PancakeSwap! We have listened to our community concerns over the high gas fee burden Uniswap can have at times.

Not only is this a solution for the high gas fees, but there is also higher liquidity available now. Pancake swap is becoming popular since It started in 2020. Search trends from users are at a 60,000 high right now. It certainly makes sense why the trend is so high, because there are many advantages to using this exchange. As…

BTA Protocol Partners With Online Crypto College

BTA Protocol is excited to announce a new partnership with Online Crypto College. OCC was founded by Block One Member- Kyle Hays and aims to provide modern technologies to the crypto space. Kyle is not a new face to crypto and offers his valuable insight with coding bot automation, Liquidity/farming knowledge and much more. We have welcomed him to join BTA Protocol and help us grow our vision towards Education, Opportunity, and Charity.

The Indicator and screener section of OCC- provides a unique atmosphere for those that have basic to advanced cryptocurrency knowledge. The partnership made absolute sense since they…

In March 2021, we completed our very first charitable donation to the Al Ansari Foundation. This was made possible from the generous contributions made by many community members that purchased the BTAP token.

The methods used to collect these donations are written in our smart contract code. Each transaction that took place had a 0.25% fee withdrawn and sent to the charity beacon wallet. To help facilitate this donation, we sold 191,279 BTAP ($12,723.26 worth of tokens) for a discount of 10% OTC to a longterm investor.

We are pleased to announce that the Al Ansari Foundation used the donation…

Gas fees are really high and for that reason I was concerned about how BTAP would work. A 2% tax and gas fees on top of that!

After RFI, I’ve seen many projects where you would have to put the slippage as high as 6%. It just didn’t make sense to me. Especially when the people you want to get involved with BTA Protocol may not have a lot of funds in the first place.

For that reason, in February I asked the developer of BTA Protocol to lower the total tax on transactions to 1%. Therefore 0.25% would go…

Today I have personally locked the team tokens, and the tokens kept for future marketing, and development funds.

Unlocked Tokens

For the initial marketing that is currently ongoing, and any development needs that may arise, I have kept 6 million token unlocked. 1 million tokens has already been used on marketing. 2 million community rewards tokens have also been kept unlocked since these will need to be used within smart contracts of DApps developed within the next 6 months. You can see the unlocked tokens here.

Raised funds

After adding 8 million tokens to Uniswap liquidity along with the equivalent…

After a successful presale, our BTAP token will be listing on Uniswap at 2pm GMT on 19th March.

All BTAP tokens will be distributed to participants as soon as liquidity is added and locked.

The Uniswap link and the Dextools link will be shared in our Telegram group and pinned.

Over the coming days we will ensure Dextools has all the info it needs and also apply for listing on Coingecko.

Our marketing campaign has already begun, with some influencers backing our project and loving the charity and education aspect of it.

We are really excited about the journey…

BTA Protocol

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