Introducing BTA Protocol (BTAP)

The BTAP token is a ERC20 utility token at the heart of BTA Protocol’s Knowledge Economy. The Knowledge Economy will include various products (listed below) focusing on education and financial opportunity:

  1. Blockchain Training Academy
  2. Cryptovator App
  3. BTA Marketplace
  4. BTAQ — Quiz DApp

Blockchain Training Academy

BTA Protocol has developed an online Academy that focuses on topics related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The Blockchain Training Academy has a growing community of blockchain enthusiasts who focus on learning and educating around blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The BTAP token has a number of use cases within the Blockchain Training Academy.

BTAP use cases in Blockchain Training Academy

  • Encourage participation during live educational broadcasts
  • Motivate students to complete online courses
  • Offer a certification that can be verified on the blockchain
  • Reward educators for creating and contributing their knowledge as online courses.
  • To remove financial barriers to high quality education and qualifications
  • Offer blockchain verifiable certifications in collaboration with Zilliqa.

Cryptovator App

Another BTA Protocol product is the Cryptovator App. This is a mobile app that over 500 blockchain enthusiasts use to make sure they get notified when new blockchain projects with strong fundamentals are launched on Uniswap, Coingecko, and centralized engines.

BTAP use cases in Cryptovator App

  • Incentivize responses to posts and support of other members
  • Random BTAP token airdrops to members.
  • Access to live trading sessions covering posted gems.


With every transaction, 1% of the transaction fee is distributed to all holders of the BTAP token. The more tokens you hold, the more tokens you are rewarded with.

The Blaze wallet holds 500,000 BTAP tokens, and collects from the 1% transaction fee distribution just like any wallet would. Tokens going to the Blaze wallet are taken out of circulation and therefore increases scarcity of BTAP tokens over time.

The Beacon wallet also holds 500,000 BTAP tokens. The Beacon wallet also collects from the 1% transaction fee distribution just like any holder wallet would. Tokens going to the Beacon wallet are used for charity projects voted by the community.

The BTAP token is a token of knowledge, opportunity, integrity, and gratitude. It is at the heart of our knowledge ecosystem and our education platform.

Further Information
▪️Name: BTAP Token
▪️Symbol: BTAP
▪️Token: ERC-20
▪️Circulating Supply: 5,000,000 BTA
▪️Max Total Supply: 10,000,000 BTAD
🔷 Contract Address: To be announced
✅ ERC-20 Contract Status: Contract Source Code Verified on Etherscan
🔷 Uniswap Pair:

Official Website:

Telegram :

Telegram Price Chat:

Github: to be announced

🔹Dev: Anonymous
🔹Founder Doxxed: 🔹@Cryptovator

How to buy BTAP Token

BTAP Presale (running until 1,000,000 BTA tokens are sold):

1 ETH = 5000 BTAP

Presale Instructions

To be announced.

🚨 Warning: Always check you are using the correct BTA address on UniSwap and Dextools.

🔜 More soon…

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